About Us


Learn from an instructor with over 40 years of commercial hauling experience.


Pricing options make getting your CDL license more affordable than large trucking schools. 


Use the right tools to pass the test the first time. 

Mission Statement

To provide the finest, safest, and easiest CDL test truck rental equipment to operate available. Also, to ensure that our clients have  the best opportunity to pass the California CDL Driver Test in their  first attempt. 

About Class A or B CDL Drive Test Equipment Rental

We are excited to provide a California CDL Test Truck Rental service;  giving people a choice to rent the finest equipment available.The truck  and trailer both have airbrakes; truck and trailer meet 100% of the DMV  requirements for an un-restricted CDL License.

From San Luis Obispo, Redding, Stockton, Lodi, San Diego, Our clients  travel from all around the state of California to take advantage of our  service and stay at the very affordable hotel’s within walking distance  to the DMV.

In comparison to CDL truck driving or training schools, our  California CDL Test Truck Rental service can save you thousands of  dollars. And while there is a place for the CDL Truck Driving or  training schools, especially if you need instruction on driving, the CDL  Test Truck Driving and training schools are probably the solution for  you.

However, if you have some  skills in shifting and backing trailers, practicing to perfect your  California CDL skills with our CDL Truck Rental equipment will be a very  rewarding experience and can save you time and money over traditional  Truck Driving Schools.