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40+ Years Experience

Who needs a CDL?

Commercial drivers licenses are requirements for many jobs include lineman, power pole workers, fire truck operators, heavy equipment operators, and more.

Based in Sacramento

Our clients travel from all around the state of California to learn from us so they can pass the drive test quickly and confidently.

Same-Day Practice & Test

If you have some Class A driving experience, renting our equipment will save time and money over traditional trucking schools.

Rental packages available!

Our Process

Your journey begins with CDL Drive Test Equipment Rental with a phone call once you have obtained your Commercial Drivers License permit. I personally assist all of my clients with preparation for the DMV exam.

  1. Based on the information you provide about your goals and experience, we can assess the approximate amount of time it will take to successfully obtain a Class A license.
  2. By law and at no additional charge, I will personally be in the vehicle with you at all times except for the actual drive test.
  3. I will use my 40+ years of experience to encourage, and guide you through the Air Brake Test and Pre-Trip Inspection 

About Us

About Pat O'Dea

Pat O’Dea, owner of Class A CDL Drive Test Equipment Rental, comes with a diverse background and skill set. He has operated heavy equipment and driven trucks for years with some major companies. Pat has  been a licensed commercial driver over 40 years. Pat's experience includes hauling heavy equipment, driving semi end and bottom dumps, transporting  freight, frozen foods, produce, dairy as well as cryogenic liquids in tankers. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Class A CDL Drive Test Equipment Rental is to  provide the finest, safest, and easiest CDL test truck rental equipment  to operate available. We strive to ensure that our clients have the best opportunity to pass the California Commercial Drivers License drive test in their first attempt. 

Interested in Class B Instruction?

Class B instruction is available to students who have access to their own Class B truck and equipment. Please call 916-599-5803 for details about  instruction. 

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